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                                          CORE IDEA

                                          Harmonize together·Agree together·Creat together·Share together

                                          Harmonize together

                                          Together means in agreement in ancient China.

                                          Taking together as the core of the enterprise philosophy shows that the whole saff of Weilai Enterprise will work together with the corporate philosophy as the core and goal of the enterprise, practie the core values of the enterprise and have unwavering faith . It also foreshadows that the core concepts of Weilai Enterprises follows the rules of historical development and correnspond with the development goals of human civilization. Staff cohesion and the corporate culture will surely be a visor of a powerful force of corporate soft power.

                                          Harmony: harmony, harmony, calm

                                          Harmony means a pleasing combination of related things and a state of peaceful existence and agreement in Chinese. Harmony is supposed to be a system. Taking Harmony as the first principle and foundation of the enterprise philosophy reflects the democratic decision-making mechanism of Weilai enterprise, harmonious employee relations, and the goal of the whole staff of being of one mind. It reflects that Weilai Enterpraise vales the the role of modern enterprise systems in enterprise, and the motivation of gradually adopting the decision-making democratization and the scientific operation ; It also reflects that the opinions of staff must be heard and reasonablly adopted, and the talents are supposed to be provieded with opportuinities, and the talent concepts and management ideas of achievements coming with abilities .

                                          Agree together

                                          Agreement is not only on science, technology and experiences, but also on a common standard of personhood. The whole enterprise needs to have consensus on its goals, development approaches and development modes. More importantly,the whole staff has common moral standards of personhood, civilization norms and value identity. Only in this way can we follow the development goals of the enterprise while we are making the most of the abilities ;Agree to differ while arguing on a specific method; Be democratic and having order while Brainstorming ; Seeking for the stable and efficient development while continuously innovating.

                                          Creat together

                                          Creat means wound and initiate in ancient China.

                                          The joint effert of the whole staff and continuous development and innovation are required to develop both the product and the enterprise. However, the whole staff of Weilai enterpraise needs to realize that creation and innovation implies risks, setbacks, and failures. Therefore, creating together means not only co-innovating, but also helping each other to pool risk and take responsibilities. Only when everyone actively participates in creation and innovation and jointly takes responsibility can we control the risks to the utmost and achieve the innovation.

                                          Share together

                                          Share means offering in ancient China.

                                          As long as effert there will be gains. As long as offering in work there will be a harvest. Sharing is the reward you receive from creation and hard work. Only by working and creating together can we share. The development and achievements belong to all those who work hard for Weilai enterprise. However, share means offering in Chinese. Neither the enterprise nor the staff can gain the whole reward from a bit of work. Only we never take the easy way out, cut corners, or slacken can there be the support of customers, the hot sales of products, and the development of enterprises.

                                          Only a Harmony system and mechanism can form a agreement on development;
                                          Only the whole staff is agreed on being of one mind will there be determination and actions of co-creation;
                                          Only having the courage to co-create and taking responsibility for failure together can there be shared joy and rewards;
                                          The continuous development of the enterprise and the sharing of development achievements by the whole staff will inevitably promote the continuous improvement of the harmony system and the ideal agreement and co-creation of development on this biasis.
                                          ABOUT US

                                          Shanghai Weilai Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in October 1995 with a registered capital of RMB 3379.2880, which is a new third board listed company with ecological protection and environmental governance as its main industry and development direction. Its main business involves industrial water treatment and sludge deep drying and recyling Technology development, environmental protection equipment manufacturing and engineering services, production and marketing of functional chemicals, etc.. It's a manufacturer of environmental protection chemicals and environmental protection equipment that integrates research and development, production, sales and industrial services, and a provider of total solutions of energy saving and contracting operation.

                                          As a national high-tech enterprise, Weilai Enterprise owns a professional R & D team, which has obtained more than 20 national invention patents, and drafted more than 10 national standards and industry standards, and accumulated a series of proprietary technologies. The Weilai Enterprise not only focuses on independent innovation, but also maintains good strategic cooperative relations with some world-renowned companies. Weilai Enterprise has been providing products, services, overall solutions and operation and maintenance to Sinopec, Baosteel Group, Zhejiang Energy Group and other enterprises for many years.

                                          The eco-friendly energy saving and recycling industry has a broad market prospect. Weilai Enterprise will strive to take the opportunity to constantly innovate and serve enterprise users to the greatest extent and value for users, and develop itself into a well-known enterprise favored by enterprises and society.

                                          Xinbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. which is the holding subsidiary of Weilai enterprise was established in October 2016. It is a professional company engaged in project development and project operation of sludge deep dewatering technology.

                                          Shanghai Xinbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

                                          Shanghai Xinbang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2016, specializing in project development and project operation of sludge deep dewatering technology. The company is jointly invested by Shanghai Weilai Enterprise Co., Ltd. (listed on the New Third Board, 833697) and Shanghai Jiaoer Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. It has original patented technology and equipment for deep dewatering of sludge. This technology has the characteristics of high efficiency, small investment, low moisture content (less than 5%) of the residue after treatment and recycle.


                                          Enterprise honor

                                          Contact us



                                          Address: Room 807, 2401, Mingshen Center Building, 3131 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai (200030)

                                          Copyright: Shanghai Weilai Enterprise Co., Ltd. Shanghai ICP No. 12044529
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