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                                          Environmental Engineering and Equipment

                                          ● Personlized design and manufacture and installation of environmental protection equipment
                                          ● Rental and management of mobile processing equipment
                                          ● Environmental process status assessment
                                          ● Process feasibility assessment
                                          ● On-site pilot service
                                          ● Environmental Engineering General Contract
                                          ● Joint start-up commissioning of technically difficult projects
                                          ● Upgrade of original facility processing capacity

                                          Four-phase catalytic oxidation of high-salt and high-COD strong acid / alkaline wastewater

                                          Normal temperature and pressure working conditions, low-voltage direct current, no acid-base pre-regulation, no chemical hazardous waste sludge, low energy consumption; Biodegradability of wastewater improved after treatment , partial neutralization of acid and alkali, partial reduction of salinity, partial reduction of COD dry weight; replacing traditional three-effect evaporation, Fenton oxidation, iron carbon oxidation, etc.

                                          Ammonia nitrogen recycle and purification of ultra-high ammonia nitrogen concentration wastewater

                                          Normal temperature and pressure conditions, extremely low energy consumption, high-purity products such as ammonium sulfate or ammonium chloride with strong anti-pollution properties recycled from ammonia nitrogen in wastewater, normal operation under high hardness and high suspended solids; replacing traditional Desalination, steam ammonia, crystallization of magnesium ammonium phosphate, chlorination breakpoint, etc.

                                          Biochemical process for compact and energy-intensive high total nitrogen wastewater treatment

                                          Combination of intermittent oxygenation and continuous oxygenation, combination of falling aeration and forced aeration, rapid start of engineering bacteria, assembly design of process elements, simultaneous nitrification and denitrification, energy consumption and land occupation less than traditional A2O, SBR, etc. Particularly applicable in System reconstruction and expansion and limited site.

                                          Waste metal capture process with minimum amount of solid waste

                                          Diffusion dialysis is used to recycle residual impurity acids in wastewater. High-concentration heavy metals are recycled by ion exchange. The complex state of heavy metals is electrolyzed. Up-to-standard emissions of heavy metal with minimal solid waste is achieved by higher efficient heavy metal capture agents and reduction of limes and coagulant.

                                          Combined biochemical process for minimal total solid waste in sewage plant

                                          According to the sludge yield in different organic matter load conditions of the activated sludge process and biofilm process , the biochemical Residual sludge and coagulated chemical sludge generated in the water treatment process are minimized by making full use of the microbial hydrolysis process and hydrogen production and acetic acid process and anaerobic methanogenesis process.

                                          Vibration membrane process for material concentration and reuse

                                          Based on the vibrating membrane equipment, further concentration and reuse of the waste liquid or the reduction of its outbound disposal are to reduce the risks and costs of hazardous waste disposal. The anti-pollution performance is far superior to conventional processes such as ultrafiltration, and can be matched with other process for purification and reuse of produced water.

                                          Ultra-deep dehydration of biochemical residual sludge into biomass fuel

                                          Atmospheric equipment which can be skid-mounted and mobile-processed is to convert biochemical sludge with higher water content after mechanical dehydration into biomass fuel with ultra-low water content and high burning value. There is no any harmful substance added or generated in the treatment process.

                                          Salty wastewater containing multi-fold concentration process of combined device

                                          According to the distribution of ion types in salty wastewater, the optimal combination is made from high-density sedimentation, multi-media filtration, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, high pressure reverse osmosis, and dish membrane. The investment and operation costs of the subsequent evaporation and crystallization section are reducted by liquid phase concentration.

                                          Multiphase coagulation process for coking wastewater reaching straight discharge standards

                                          No additional civil construction is required on the basis of conventional biochemical and coagulation treatment. It is directly transformed based original constration. The discharge is directly upgraded from the indirect discharge standard to the direct discharge standard.

                                          Sludge cleaning and microbial in-situ degradation and repair process

                                          The combination of cleaning technology and microbial repair technology can achieve the goals of oil recovery and site purification for tank bottom sludge, floor sludge, mud drill cuttings, oily soil, etc.

                                          Catalytic oxidation combined with enhanced biochemical wastewater advanced treatment

                                          Ozone catalysis and electrolytic catalysis is used to further decompose the residual organic matter and improve the B / C ratio of it, an An improved biofilm method is followed to lower the concentration of COD and nitrogen and phosphorus pollutants under high hydraulic load and low organic load to meet increasingly stringent emission standards.

                                          Inoculation, proliferation and stabilization of salt-tolerant biochemical bacteria in wastewater

                                          The engineering measure is used in homogenization and stabilization of the influent salinity, the combination of the salt-resistant engineering bacteria and microbial activation technology, a nutrient-based suspended bed and trapped contact fillers, rapid inoculation, proliferation and stabilization of microorganisms, which solves the problem of low and stable biochemical efficiency and low stability caused by medium and high salinity.

                                          Facility hosting services

                                          The operation of Environmental facilities can be hosted to professional environmental protection companies. The corresponding fees can be paied in the form of single settlement, unit price settlement or contract period settlement. The environmental protection facilities are directly managed and operated. There is no need for users to separately arrange the corporate resources but supervise it . It can be divided into three levels according to the depth of hosted content:
                                          Undertake content Shallow hosting Middle hosting Deep hosting
                                          Chemical supply and dosing work Party B Party B Party B
                                          Supply of core equipment supplies and personnel operation and maintenance work Party B+ Party A Party B Party B
                                          Core equipment consumables and operation and maintenance costs exceed budget risks Party B+ Party A Party B+ Party A Party B
                                          Supply of non-core equipment supplies and personnel operation and maintenance work Party A Party B Party B
                                          Non-core equipment consumables and operation and maintenance costs exceed budget risks Party A Party B+ Party A Party B
                                          Water and electricity energy agency costs exceed budget risk Party A Party B Party B
                                          Equipment depreciation and overhaul related funds commitment Party A Party A Party B
                                          Industrial waste treatment and related fund commitments Party A Party A Party B
                                          Administrative regulations and policy risks Party A Party A Party A
                                          only the light-touch regulation is needed so that Users can pool enterprise resources into their own professional fields, not too much on environmental protection problems.
                                          The economic terms of the contract help users control environmental protection costs and avoid the risk of funds exceeding budget.
                                          Professional companies have a better understanding of environmental protection policies, which can make optimal environmental protection plans for users and avoid repeated investments and inefficient investments.
                                          Professional environmental protection companies have higher technical reliability and facility operation and management capabilities, which reducing the risks of environmental protection accidents. Professional environmental protection companies can chieve optimal cost and avoid waste of resources by consideration of the systematization and using step reuse and conbined processing, etc.
                                          we can march with the user's industrial upgrading process in time and respond quickly.
                                          Less resistance to apply newer and better technologies in order to share technology dividends in time.

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